Community & Neighborhood Improvement Project

Our mission is to make the Southside of Chicago a place that is a fun, healthy, and safe place to live, work, and play.

Volunteering for our events allows you to support our work and meet others who value healthy transportation.

We want more people choosing transportation options that are healthy, fun and environmentally-friendly.

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Want better or improved options for transportation in the area? Getting involved with CNIP projects, events and campaigns is a great way to make a difference while enhancing our neighborhoods the community…

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Advocacy & Legislation

We work together with local organizations, legislators, community members, and decision makers to improve and create healthy transportation options throughout the area and region…

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In Your Community

When it comes to making our streets safer and better for walking, biking, and public transit, change starts from the ground up. We need your help working with community leaders to support grassroots action…

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Public transit users are healthier as they are actively moving through their daily lives.  Whether, catching a train, riding a bike or getting on a bus, it is proven that those who use public transportation get over three times the amount of physical activity per day than those who don’t…

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Bicycling has also become popular as a workout regimen and has been proven to provide significant health benefits. The CNIP mission is to advocate for equitable, inclusive, and prosperous communities where bicycling helps to enable individuals and families lead healthy and joyful lives…

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Walking is a way to stay healthy while getting exercise. Whether you prefer getting a relaxing breath of fresh air, or challenging yourself with a long steady walk to maintain your heart rate, the CNIP is working to enhance the region’s walkability…

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We envision a Chicago that is a fun, healthy and safe place to live.