Weather Conditions

Check out the latest weather conditions for biking and enjoying the outdoors.

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Bicycling in Chicago

Get all the information you need on bicycling in City of Chicago.

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We want more people choosing transportation options that are healthy, fun and environmentally-friendly.

Bike To Work

Like any new activity, biking to work becomes second nature once you do it a few times.

Ride safe, ride smart

In the unlikely case of an accident, you want to protect your head. Your family and friends will be glad you did!

Avoid the door zone

The Door Zone is the 4-foot area along the side of a parked car where an opening door can hit and seriously injure a cyclist. Avoid at ALL times. When riding in a bike lane, ride on the left side of the lane — at least 4 feet from parked cars

Arrive in style

The benefits of riding your bike to work include: cardio, saving on transportation costs, and enjoying the fresh air after a busy day at work. The challenge can be what to wear and how to carry the essentials (laptop, clothes, etc.). Fortunately, there are hundreds of options that can be found on the internet. 


The mission CNIP is to increase the overall quality of life in our local communities access to modes of transit and increasing economic independence that results in community pride and healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Learn About the Top Trails in the Nation

See where the 50 best bike rides in America are, state by state.


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Tips For The Work Commute

Here are some tips to consider when riding your bike to work.


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The Major Taylor Trail

See the Major Taylor Trail map.


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Walking and Health

Walking is a great way to get and stay in great health and shape. Learn more from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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Want to learn how you can make a difference in your own backyard?